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Pristine Landscape Management is a trustworthy lawn care company with a proven record of providing excellent services all year long to residential as well as commercial properties throughout the metro Detroit area. When it comes to seeking out lawn care in Brighton MI then look no further than Pristine Landscape Management. Aside from providing lawn service in Brighton MI to commercial and residential properties, we also offer two snow removal packages to help combat those slippery sidewalks and heavy snow that accumulates in your driveway or parking lots. Whether you're in need of lawn mowing service in Brighton MI, landscaping or snow removal in Brighton MI, contact Pristine Landscape Management to handle every aspect of making your yard look great. Pristine Landscape Management isn't like the other companies you'll find when you search for lawn care in Brighton MI. Although founded in 2010, the owner's experience with lawn care and landscaping dates back to when he was just eight years old and working for his parent's lawn service business. We're unique in that we have skilled horticulturists with extensive backgrounds in landscaping and nursery care who are eager to help your lawn and the surrounding landscaping thrive. We're also different than other companies providing lawn maintenance in Brighton MI in that we are dedicated to continuing our education and staying on top of all the latest products, equipment and technologies. Our equipment is state-of-the-art, our fertilizer technicians are state certified and we are proud members of the National Association of Landscape Professionals. It is our plan to take care of every customer responsibly so that we can eventually pass this lawn care and snow removal company on to future generations. It's with these long term goals that Pristine Landscape Management helps ensure the happiness of their customers. For those seeking lawn service in Brighton MI, Pristine Landscape Management has the certified and highly-trained technicians to get the job done right. We are a full service company from lawn maintenance to lawn fertilization and weed control to spring and fall clean up as well as snow removal and salting in the colder months. Our snow removal services for Brighton MI are especially great because it offers 24/7 services which includes hauling the snow off-site by request. Combatting weeds, grubs and other forces of nature that may be ruining your lawn is one of our specialties. We can survey your yard and apply the right fertilization, weed control and pest control to help your grass thrive and continue to come in with vigor. When combined with additional services like aeration and basic lawn cutting you'll have a lawn that you'll be truly proud of this summer. It's not always easy to find the company which handles all aspects of lawn service in Brighton MI or lawn maintenance in Brighton MI but we make it a priority to provide the best customer service out there. We want your lawn to look healthy and beautiful, your trees and shrubs to look attractive and for the pests that can wreak havoc on a yard to have minimal presence. Our snow removal in Brighton MI is dependable and our skilled technicians will have the exterior of your home be the envy of the neighborhood. Call Pristine Landscape Management for when you need lawn maintenance in Brighton MI.