Snow Removal Brighton MI

Pristine Landscape Management is more than just a company for lawn care in Brighton MI. Just as we make our way out of the warmer months, the snow is likely to begin to fall. Just like you rely on us to provide you with a beautiful lawn in the warmer months, you can trust Pristine Landscape Management for your snow removal in Brighton MI. We have a 24/7 snow removal availability for commercial and residential properties so you don't have to worry about employees slipping on ice or trudging through snow when they come in the office in the morning and you won't have to be concerned about shoveling your way out of the driveway before heading to work. For snow removal in Brighton MI, Pristine Landscape Management offers two types of service: per-push and contract pricing. The per-push service is ideal for those who want a snow removal services in Brighton MI when the snow really comes down. Maybe you don't mind tossing a couple inches off the driveway but would prefer not to deal with six inches of the white stuff. The contract pricing allows for our service throughout the season so you have no worries about trying to shovel snow or salting the walkways or sidewalks. We will do it all for you when it snows. When it comes to actually shoveling the snow and making the ground visible again, there are some other great options to choose from if you own a business. Using state of the art equipment, we can do what's called snow stacking which means we push it all into a big pile. You've most likely seen this at the majority of businesses and strip malls - it's that giant heap of snow at one part of the parking lot that doesn't seem to completely melt away until mid-May. We also have the capability of hauling the snow off-site if you prefer. We have the machines on-hand to accomplish either preference for removal. With the winter weather coming through town there's the high probability of ice. Pristine Landscape Management can also salt for you. We offer this service to anyone so whether you have a small driveway you want salted, a sidewalk or an entire parking lot so your employees can make it inside without incident, we can provide this service for you too. Beyond the lawn service in Brighton MI, we have this great winter snow removal and salting service so your snowy months are easier to deal with. When it's summertime and you call us up about our lawn care for Brighton MI plans, don't forget to inquire about what we can do for snow removal. Just like with our lawn mowing service and lawn maintenance for Brighton MI, it's our goal to provide complete customer satisfaction all year long. Snow accumulation isn't always predictable which is why it's important to have a reliable snow removal company at the ready. Give Pristine Landscape Management a call and let's ensure that your winter is a little easier to handle.